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Friday, 2 July 2010

Birthday Present

My second daughter was invited to a birthday party tonight and only told me at tea-time that she never got a present when she was in town as she didn't know what to get and did I have any ideas.  Well with the shops closing, I had to think quickly as she had to go at seven o'clock.  So had a rummage through some things that I had left past for Christmas and got a small bottle of perfume and some fancy nails, but thought it just didn't look right, so decided to try and make something.  I had some of these bracelets bought to make presents for their friends for Christmas, so thought I would try one now.   All I had to do was add large jump rings and add beads to them and then add a charm.  Turned out nice, but don't think the photo does it justice.  Then I made this bookmark, using thong and beads and a large flower.  Found this in Creative Beads and Jewellery magazine and thought it would be good for presents or as stocking fillers.  My daughter was really pleased with these and it just finished off the present nicely.  Hopefully her friend will like it.

My youngest daughter then wanted me to help her to make a bracelet and phone charm.  She doesn't have a phone so don't know yet what she will do with it.  She picked all her own colours, her choice of beads, etc and is really pleased with them. The photo doesn't pick up the beads in the bracelet very well.  They are made with polymer clay and are love hearts.  I purchased these from the Bead Shop Scotland, which was also in the Creative Beads and Jewellery magazine.


Mina said...

these are fabulous Donna, and what a brilliant idea...Im amazed you have stuff stashed for christmas already...how prepared are you girl lol
Mina xxx

Lizzy xx said...

Hi Donna! what a great idea these are fab, I'm sure your daughter's friend will luv them... I bet you get more orders for them too,lol xx Lizzy xx :)

Granny P said...

WOW! These are terrific. Talk about thinking on your feet. S. couldn't have bought better presents. The book mark is very cool - giving me ideas. H has done a terrific job as well. I think they'll have extra friends at Christmas
As for Christmas already -you are definitely organised. What can I say except you're your mother's daughter.