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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bo Bunny - Family album

Here is another Bo Bunny word album.  This time the word Family.  I have it decorated, but as usual, have never got round to finishing it.  Just need some photographs and embellishments and that's it.

Bo Bunny - Happy Album

Here is the other Bo Bunny word album that I said I would photograph and put on my blog.  I have had it for some time and thought I would use the word Happy for a Happy Birthday album.  However, I had some good photographs from our last summer holiday in Menorca in 2007 that I thought I would use it for Happy Summer Holidays.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Scrapbook Layout - My Braces

This is a layout I created of my eldest daughter when she got her braces on in 2006.  I took photographs of her in the before stage and during stage.  Yes, I have still to do the after stage.  Got the photographs, but not the time to complete it.  Always something else to do or try.  Must get it finished soon.  Haha.

Scrapbook Layout - So Proud of You

This was the first ever scrapbook layout that I completed.  It was in 2005 when my eldest daughter was eleven years old and had just got the results of her 11+ exam. 

I always meant to get that finishing touch for the top right hand corner, but never got round to it.  Funny how you remember when you  photograph the layout  to put it onto your blog.  Well maybe I'll get it finished soon.

Scrapbook Layout - Dressing Up Hula Style

These pages were really good fun to put together. 

We had been in town for the day and went for a cup of tea in a local cafe.  While looking out of the window, we noticed these hula style costumes and my two younger daughters had to have them.  They weren't that expensive and the girl in the shop asked if it was for a hen party as that was what they had been selling them for. 

Anyway, my youngest daughter found hers to be a little big for her and only wore the garlands.  However, my other daughter got real fun and enjoyment from hers and I just had to make a brightly coloured layout to match.

Scrapbook Layout - Model Material 2

Here are two of my favourite layouts of my second daughter.  Again I called them Model Material, as she was doing a lot posing.

These clothes were left out for the charity shop and belonged to her younger sister.  However, my daughter decided she would try them on.  Guess what, they didn't make it to the charity shop, because if they fitted her, then they must still be ok on my youngest daughter.

Scrapbook Layout - Model Material

These are two of the first layouts I created of my second daughter.  She doesn't like to be called the middle child, she has a real hang-up about this.

The photos were taken just after Christmas 2006.  She had spent some of her Christmas money and bought this outfit. She was really pleased with it and said she would wear it to her residential trip in Ballycastle with her P7 class in January 2007, for the talent/party night.  She posed for these photos and that is were the title came from as she looked like a model.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Scrapbook Layout - Girls Rock

This is a layout that I made with photographs of two of my daughters and my niece.  They had spent a fun afternoon playing and decided to mess about with sunglasses, jewellery, etc. in the evening.  I was doing a little crafting, well trying to anyway, when I took these photographs. 

Scrapbook Layout - My Girls

This is a layout I created about two years ago.  The photographs were taken in December 2002 for Christmas presents for our family.  My daughters were 9, 7 and 10 months.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Scrapbook Layout - Our Cat Patches

This is a layout that I had to make for my youngest daughter to show her friendship with our cat, Patches.  She would shine the torch and the cat would follow it, even if this was climbing up the doors, furniture, etc.  My daughter took the close-up photograph of Patches on the stairs. 

Sadly our cat passed away a few months ago, so this is a nice keepsake of her.  She died aged 12, so she had a good life.

Scrapbook Layout - Our Dog Cleo

This is a page I created one night after going to the stitch and craft show in Belfast.  I purchased these dog papers and thought I would use them when I got home. Not a great page, but at least it was another layout.

Scrapbook Layout - Downhill Forest

This is another layout I created after going to Downhill Forest.  I used the same colours as the previous layout as I have them side by side in an album.

Scrapbook Layout - Mountsandel Forest

This is a layout I created after a walk through Mountsandel Forest. We have been many times, but I had my camera with me this time and the photographs weren't to bad. Really liked the way it turned out.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Scrapbook Layout - Little Miss Giggles

The photographs were taken in January 2006 when my youngest daughter was four years old.
She had decided to get lots of jewellery from her jewellery box and put it on. Photo opportunity. No. She wouldn't smile at all. Then I told her to act silly as if she was being tickled and this is the result.
This is the first time that I used the Bazzill In Stitchz flourish template and I think it just adds that little bit extra.

Scrapbook Layout - The Car Game

This was a layout I created as just a memory of a little game that my youngest daughter and I played on a Saturday morning. There were no photographs to show, so I tried to make it a little interesting, like following a path from one list to the next.
It all started by talking about different makes of cars, hence the name. Then it was can you guess 5 makes and then what else could we guess 5 of.
Every Saturday we would play this and it would always be in the same order cars, transport,holidays etc., and only sometimes would the list of 5 change but very rarely.
We haven't played it now in a long time, so it is a nice reminder to have made a layout about it.

Scrapbook Layout - Make A Wish

This is the last of my daughter's birthday layouts. Thank goodness. I didn't realise how many photographs I used and how many pages I had made. I now know only to use the favourite photographs from every occasion and not them all. All part of the learning curve really.

Scrapbook Layout - Laugh Please

Here is the another of the 4th birthday layouts. This is one that I don't really like. I wanted to take some photographs of my daughter with her skates, helmet, etc., but after falling lots of times, she was in no mood to pose for a photograph. I had to do a lot of coaxing.
These were papers that seem to match very well with the top she was wearing, but put them together, I don't know!!!!

Scrapbook Layout - My New Tent

Here is another page that I created for my daughter's 4th birthday. She had got a tent with a tunnel and ball pop up house and was very excited about it, when she realised what it was. The lift the flap journalling reads about how she used to have a pretend tent, where she would sit at the hall table, put up her balamory umbrella and the umbrella from her pram, cover the spaces with towels and sit inside and read books or play with beads, etc. She really liked her new tent.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Scrapbook Layout - Skater Girl

Here is another layout from my daughter's 4th Birthday. One of her presents was a pair of roller skates. She couldn't wait to try them on and found it very hard to stay upright. However as the little quotes say she was determined and practiced a lot and got there in the end. Today she has new skates which she got for Christmas '09 and it is scary watching her as she can go very fast and has no fear.

P.S. The little quotes were given to me by my aunt. Thank you.

P.P.S. For those of you who are interested my aunt has a blog which shows the cards that she makes, although she has not listed any recently, as she has got back into sewing. It is cowtowncrafts.blogspot.com and is really worth a visit.

Scrapbook Page - Birthday Girl

These pages were made for my daughter's 4th birthday in 2006. I made 5 double page layouts. I got carried away as I had so many photographs to use. I don't think I have made any birthday pages since.

Is this the way to Amarillo - Scrapbook Layout

These photographs of my youngest daughter where taken by my aunt at my cousins wedding on 23rd December 2005.

One of my daughter's favourite songs then was - Is this the way to Amarillo by Tony Christie feat. Peter Kay. I think it was the Comic Relief song that year. When they played it that night at the wedding, she was so excited and everyone was talking about it afterwards for a long time.

I had to do a scrapbook page to about her dancing and included the words on it, so she would remember it when she was older.

This is still one of my favourite pages and it makes me smile everytime I look at it.

Scrapbook Layout - Baking Day

Here are two scrapbook pages that were made during one of our many baking days. My youngest daughter really likes to make top hats, rice krispie buns, etc., on a regular basis.

These pages were made on 31 January 2006, when she was three years old.

Scrapbook Baby Page

These are two of my first scrapbook pages. They were of my youngest daughter as a baby, she is now eight years old. However, the pages weren't made until about 2005 when I was first introduced to scrapbooking by my aunt.

My aunt was making a scrapbook for my mum as a Christmas present and was looking for a wedding photograph. When she showed me what she was doing, I was hooked. However, I spent a long time getting supplies, etc., and not doing any pages. Now a lot of the supplies that I have are maybe not what I like anymore, but two of my daughters like to craft and so they use what I don't want as well as their own supplies.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Altered Lori Train Purse

I came across these pictures of the two Lori Train Case Purses that I decorated for my daughter's bedroom. These are part of the Bare Elements Range by Creative Imaginations. My daughter had been looking for something to put her hair accessories and make-up in when we re-decorated her room.
I painted the purses with the two colours that her room was painted in, used Doodlebug sugar coated chipboard letters, some of the flower stickers that were leftover from her bedroom set and added a little doodlebug gem to the centre of them. I covered with decopatch glue, as I was doing a little decopatch then and added some ribbons in co-ordinating colours to the handles. On the hair accessories case I attached some hair grips and on the make-up case I attached some stickers from the K & Co Sparkly Sweet range.
My daughter was really pleased with how they turned out and has used them since.

Monday, 22 March 2010