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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

No card - Shannon's Formal

Sorry I haven't being doing many cards of late, I just don't seem to get any time.  What with homeworks, after school activities, Shannon working and now hubby off sick.

I thought I would post a few photographs of my eldest daughter Shannon that I took this evening before she went to her school formal.  I have sat for three hours today at the beauticians and hairdressers and as you can tell at nearly midnight, I am now waiting on a text from her to go and pick her up. She got her fake tan done on Saturday and then today her make-up and nails and then her hair put up and styled.

These photographs were taken in her room and the light isn't great. 

Photo with her proud dad
Photo at her friends house before they left

The photographs don't really do her justice.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  Makes you feel really old when you see her all grown up.  It's like one of those lump in the throat kind of situations.  You have to do a double take and realise she is not a little girl anymore.

Shannon is already off for Halloween and Sophie finishes on Wednesday and Hollie on Friday.  Shannon goes back to school next Tuesday, Sophie next Thursday and Hollie the following Monday.  They only have one day off together, so not really much of a break from school runs, etc. or to do family things. 

Anyway,  thanks for popping by and hopefully I will get some crafting done soon.


Clabby said...

She looks absolutely stunning!

Granny P said...

At last a chance to comment on how stunning!!!! Shannon looked.
This computer has been a nightmare but it seems to be OK now.
Her dress is beautiful. Totally understand the 'lump in the throat'. I'm inclined to forget that she is 17. I'm told she was even more striking in person!