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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Problem with blog posts

Just a quick note to see if anyone can give me some advice.
Two of my followers (my aunt and cousin) had told me that my blog posts weren't coming through on their dashboards.  They deleted themselves and rejoined my blog and I did the same to theirs.  Still didn't work. Yesterday, while I was commenting on Ann-Marie's blog, one of my followers, I noticed on her sidebar that my last blog post was also coming up as four months ago. I searched on google and it gave me some instructions for the feedburner.  I followed these and a few updates have went through, but they have stopped at 4 weeks ago, whereas my last post was a couple of days ago. I also seem to have lost a follower, maybe they thought I had stopped crafting or just don't like what I am doing. Sorry for that.
I am not really technical and don't know what else to do, so any help is much appreciated.
donna-keys@talktalk.net is my e-mail address.
Thanks and hope to get back to crafting today, as I have spent the last couple of days sorting out all my craft supplies and rearranging them and it took a lot longer than I thought it would. Although I did find a few papers,etc I had forgotten about and I really think I should get back to doing some more scrapbook layouts as well as cards.
Thanks for popping by and your help is much appreciated.


Clabby said...

Hey Donna, this post came through on my dashboard, along with all the ones I had been missing!!!!! Sorry, I can't give you any advice. I had meant to try rejoining your blog but never got round to it. Hope that's it sorted now.

Mina said...

Im not having any problems with your posts Donna...might be worth emailing blogger, or checking to see if theres a know issue...hope you get it fixed soon
Mina xxx